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Tam Lin Recordings

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Tam Lin Recordings

Note: This is only for the Ballad of Tam Lin, recordings of the reel of Tam Lin (tune only) are listed separately, for disambiguation purposes.

In cases where the songs are hard to come by, a best guess has been made to whether a particular track is a ballad or reel-only version, based on track length, title, or other clues. Some errors may be present.

Artist or Group Album Title (year) Track Name Version notes
Frankie Armstrong I Heard a Woman Singing (1985)
Tam Lin Fairport Ballads is a Fellside records compilation
Frankie Armstrong with Blowzabella and Brian Pearson Tam Lin (1984) Tam Lin Album inspired by Tam Lin.
Dave and Toni Arthur Hearken to the Witch's Rune (1971) Tam Lin Dave and Toni Arthur Leader Label
Authrix The Maidens of Willowwood Earth Tones Studios
Ruth Barrett Songs of the Otherworld (2010) Tam Lin
Doug Bischoff Tam Lin Bischoff site
Jon Boden A Folk Song a Day - October (2010) Tam Lin
Stuart Boyd Borscht (2009) Tam Lin review
Anne Briggs Anne Briggs (1971)
Classic Anne Briggs (1990)
Young Tambling Anne Briggs
Broadside Electric Amplificata (1997) Tam Lin
Eddie Butcher Folk Ballads from Donegal and Derry (1975) The Bride Stolen by Fairies (Tam Lin) Eddie Butcher speaks of the ballad
Moira Cameron Sands of the Shore - Be Tricked or Betrayed (2007) Tamlin
Coyote Run Between Wick and Flame (2008) Tam Lin Bischoff Has additional spoken word verses
Moira Craig Celtic Songs of Love (1997) Tam Lin Beautiful Joe Records
Lorna MacDonald Czarnota Dancing in Dark Waters (2003) Tam Lin Spoken version
Current 93 SixSixSix:SickSickSick (2005) Tamlin World Serpant records
Giordano Dall'Armellina Old Time Ballads From The British Isles (2001) Tam Lin
Kirsten Easdale volume 11 of the Linn Records Songs of Robert Burns (2002) O I Forbid
Fairport Convention (Sandy Denny) Liege and Leif (1969) Tam Lin Fairport Convention  
James Findlay Sport and Play (2011) Tam Lin Watersons
Barbara Groark Three Ballads from Britain (2009) Audiobook
Bob Hay and the Jolly Beggars Tam Lin (2006) Tam Lin available online
Nick Hennessey Of Fire, Wind, and Silver Stream (1998) Tam Lin Appeared in #17 of Pubsongs podcast
Alistair Hulett In Sleepy Scotland (2001) Tam Lin
Inishkea Celtic Dance (2007) Tam Lin reel?
Betsy Johnson The Muckle Sangs (1992) Tam Lin Scottish Tradition series
Belinda (Bill) Jones Panchpuran (2001) The Tale of Tam Lin website: http://www.brickwallmusic.com/
Jumpleads The Stag must die (1982) Tam Lin
Jody Kirkpatrick and Dan Dutton 12 Ballads (2006) Tam Lin
Jim & Holly Lawrence Caledonian Shadows (2011) Tam Lin: Introduction
Tam Lin: Admonitions, Janet Returns
Tam Lin: Janet Returns, Part D
Tam Lin: Interlude
Tam Lin: Tells his Story
Tam Lin: Reel Fantasy
Tam Lin: Redemption
Rick Lee Natick (1995)
22 Traditional and Original (2008)
Tam Lin Rick Lee
Rick and Lorraine Lee Contrasts (1978)
Bert Lloyd Classic A. L. Lloyd (1972) Tam Lin
Ewan MacColl Cold Snap (1978) Tam Lin MacColl
Mediaeval Baebes Mirablis (2006) Tam Lin Mediaeval Baebes Clips and info on group website
Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club Red Hot Scots (1999) The Ballad of Tam Lin Spoken word with musical backing, includes reel
Alastair McDonald Tam Lin and Other Celtic Legends (2008) Tam Lin
Geordie McIntyre Ballad Tree (2003) Tam Lin (Child 039) McIntyre Tradition Bearers Records. Available from "Music in Scotland website.
Peter Miln World Music Gallery - Ireland Tam Lin
Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hammer Child Ballads (2013) Tam Lin (Child 39) Anaïs Mitchell
Morag Fruits of the Earth (2011) Tamlin
The Morris Family Farewell to Summer (2006) Tamlin (pt.1)
Pete Morton Frivolous Love (1987) Tamlyn
Maureen S. O'Brien Tam Lin Internet Archive
Oak Andraste - Traditional and Pagan Songs (2008) Tam Lin
Outgrabe Love and Death (1997) Tam Lin Available from group website, Outgrabe
Ian Page Folk Music of Scotland (1999) Tam Lin
Pentangle The Time Has Come (1967-1973) (2007) Tam Lin
Carl Peterson A Faerie Place (2012) Tam Lin
Pyewackett The Man in the Moon Drinks Claret (1982) Tam Lin
Dean Rathje Locks & Keys (2010) Tam Lin
Jean Redpath Songs of Robert Burns, Vol. 3 (1981) Tam Lin
Hilary Spencer Other Roads, Other Lives (1998) Tam Lin Frankie Armstrong
Steeleye Span Tonight's the Night (1992)
Time (1996)
Tam Lin
Orrin Star, Russell Scholl and Jim Whitney Digital Child (2003) Tam Lin
Dave Swarbrick Swarb! Forty Five Years Of Folks Finest Fiddler (2003) Tam Lin
Holly Tannen Between the Worlds (1984) Tam Lin Learned from Frankie Armstrong while touring as her accompanist in (probably) 1973.
Tempest Serrated Edge (1992) Tam Lin Band Website
Thumpermonkey Lives! Tooting Bizarre Live Sessions (?) Tam Lin
The Watersons For Pence and Spicey Ale (1975) Tam Lyn The Watersons
Bob Webb & Nigel Culley Old and New Folk Tunes (2006) Tam Lin
Duncan Williamson Put Another Log on the Fire: Songs and Tunes from a Scots Traveller (1984) Lady Margaret
Benjamin Zephaniah The Imagined Village (2007) Tam Lyn Retold Tam Lyn Retold

Tam Lin Reel

Songs featuring use of the Tam Lin reel, listed for disambiguation purposes

Artist or Group Album Title (year) Track Name Notes
Academy of Irish Music Pleraca (2010) Tam Lin
Annwn Come Away to the Hills (1995) Available online
Dan Beimborn Shatter the Calm (2002) The Mason's Apron/Tam Lin/The Banjo Reel
Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton Sylvan Court (1992) Tam Lin
Bongshang Crude (1995) Phosophene/Tam Lin
Brollywacker Above Around Behind Below (1997) The Tamlin Reel
Alan Kim Cochran Close Enough to Touch (2012) Tam Lin
Mary Z. Cox Dulcimer Fandango (2004)
Chickens Crowin' At Midnight (2013)
Tam Lin
Cúl na Mara Current Tales Tam Lin
Culchies Bruscar Bán Farewell to Erin/Tam Lin
Barry Dransfield Unruly (2005) An Culin
Bittersweet & Briers Live (2004) New Potatoes
Carnival Knowledge A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing (2002) Road to Lisdoonvarna/Meg Gray/Tam Lin
Cast Iron Filter Paradise in Palestine (1999) Tam Lynn
Celtic Soul Takin' Down the Half Door (2002)
Celticopia Life in the Past Lane (2007) Tamlin
Coffee Zombies Percolatin' Julia Delaney's / Evil Diane / Tam Lin
Drop the Box Drop the Box (1995) Tamlin
The Dwyers Is It True? Tam Lin
Elephant Revival It's Alive (2012) Tam Lin Set
Emerald Road It's About Time Flip the Collar / Tam Lin
Enter the Haggis Aerials (2002) Arcturus
Eryn Eubanks The Family Fold: Atlanta Sessions Tamlin
Fiddler's Green Wall of Folk (2012)
Gaelic Storm Gaelic Storm (1998) Bonny Ship The Diamond/Tamlin
Gaelic Tribe West of Donegal(2004) Tam Lin (reel)
Give Way Full Steam Ahead Full Steam Ahead: Calum’s Road / Para Handy End Theme / Tongadale Reel / Tam Lin
Hakka Muggies Feed the Fairies Drowsy Maggie/Tam Lin
Skip Healy Empty Pockets (1984) Tam Lin
Ingrid & Allan Henderson, Duncan Nicolson Tuning Phrases Tam Lin
Highland Sun Sampler (1996) Auchindoun / Tam Lin Band website references the ballad story in liner notes, but track length and lyrics indicate this is not the ballad version.
Joe Jewell and Featherstone Bluebells of Scotland (1997)
Jeremy Allan Kittel Celtic Fiddle (2000) Tam Lin
Ken Kolodner Walking Stones The Green Gates (Ireland)/Tam Lin (Davey Arthur, Ireland)/The Silver Spire (Ireland)
Dave Hum Celtic and Bluegrass 5 String Banjo, Vol. 2 Tam Lin
Ian Laws and Steve Mulhern Ian Laws and Steve Mulhern (2011) Tam O’Lin/ The Dancer/ The Western Ocean
Leahy's Luck Tree Rings Tam Lin
Amber Leigh Make (You) Believe Tam Lin
Catriona MacDonald and Ian Lowthian Opus Blue (1993) Islay Rant/Farewell to Chernobyl/Tam Lin
Dick Miles Around the Harbor Town Tam Lin
Mithril Live in Concert Kashmir/Bacchanale/Tam Lin
Mock Turtle Soup Of Both Worlds Scotland/ Tam Lin/ St. Antoine's
Gordon Mooney O'er the Border Young Benjie / Tam Lin
Morrison Brothers Band Busking at Twilight (2002) Tam Lin
Sarah Marie Mullen Luna's Fancy (2004) Tam Lin
Sylvia Platypus Last Hurrah Tam Lin Reel
Laurie Riley Glenlivet: Celtic Harp Music Tam Lin
Rising Gael One More Day (2008) Tam Lin
Scythian Aidan's Orbit(2004) Tammlin
Bill Thurman The Celtic Collection 1992-2001 (2003) The Tam Lin Reel
Trent Wagler and the Steel Wheels Tam Lin Blue Heaven


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